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A full body or a tattoo body suit that covers the substantial part or the entire body is usually performed in one tattoo style, with the same patterns or theme. Back in the day tattoos inked all over the body could signify a social status, an initiatory rite, a marriage or celebration of the victory in war.
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From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. Media in category "Nude women with chest tattoos" The following 36 files are in this category, out of 36 total. Artistic naked. Crouching tattooed blonde. Ernie the SuicideGirl shows her piercings and tattoos. Full body tattoo. Hashly Rose. Jive Royal Blue SuicideGirls. Lehnert et Landrock - Liu Fake Diamonds SuicideGirls.

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A full body or a tattoo body suit that covers the substantial part or the entire body is usually performed in one tattoo style, with the same patterns or theme.

Back in the day tattoos inked all over the body could signify a social status, an initiatory rite, a marriage or celebration of the victory in war. These days a full body as any other kind of tattoo is a way to the bearer to expresses his personality through tattoo art.

Still, full body tattoos represent different aspects of culture as well as they did before. To start with, a full body can contain as many different designs, patterns and details with their own meanings as you wish. Still, if you consider having most of your body covered with tattoos, take some of the most common and interesting designs for your body suit into account:.

These tattoos can be worn by both men and women. Depending on the preferences of a person, who is going to get a full body, tattoos can be done in every possible style, color and with different patterns. You can have a full body that consists of images performed in the same style and color palette as well as to get inked with various small tattoos of different styles and hues. Ones of the most popular tattoo styles which you can opt to while looking to get a full body are:.

If you are searching to get a full body tattoo, you have to be sure in your commitment to this tattoo. Think of the result and the whole picture before you get a full body because this is what will stay with you all the time. If you want more inspiring and mind blowing full body tattoo ideas, this article is just for you. This gorgeous Japanese Oni demon mask tattoo that can be seen on the torso is a perfect combination of aesthetic beauty and deep symbolism. Oni tattoos serve as protection from bad spirits and the evil eye.

This breathtaking surrealistic tattoo piece covering the entire back and sleeves inspires and overwhelms at the same time. Neat work! Tattoo collectors like inking different tattoo pieces during life and usually go with body suits containing lots of small tattoos. This full body might be interesting for American Traditional aficionados. For those of you who like clear outlines, minimal bold color palette and designs with aggressive animals here is a suit covering literally almost the whole body.

As a symbol of brutal violence and natural male power, a roaring bear has become one of the most popular designs in American Traditional. Women may opt for a more delicate full body tattoo like the one in the picture. Placed on the back and continued on sleeve this rose body tattoo plays on strings of viewer imagination. Japanese tattoo artists are considered to be the best when it comes to body suits.

Vibrant in colors and symbolically meaningful this traditional Irezumi full body with dragon and chrysanthemums is amazing. Smoke coming out of the skull inked on the back is so real that you can almost feel the smell of it. This blackwork full body is absolutely fantastic! Skulls whether they are ornamental or not represent death either way. This astonishing skull back tattoo decorated with beautiful ornaments all over the design fascinate and frighten at the same time.

Hannya mask that is a key design in this Japanese body suit tattoo represents a betrayed woman who is turned into a demon. Hannya mask is a popular good luck motive in Japanese tattoo culture. Tattoo body suits are great because they can embrace one theme perfectly and fully in a first place.

This ornamental tattoo miracle is quite complicated due to the symmetry and clearness of every line. But that amazing full body tattoo that we can see on this woman is totally worth all the pain and time spent on it. For tattoo lovers, their skin is canvas which can be decorated with every possible tattoo design. Hyper-realistic portraits have a better look when they are inked on the wide skin area so every detail will be tattooed properly. The tattoo heritage in Japan is huge. Strength, honor, devotion and fearlessness set the samurais apart in Japanese culture.

People who want to take these qualities after samurais prefer inking their images. Not a secret that every line and ornament in the tribal tattoo are deeply meaningful so do your own research before getting any.

But that time you spend on searching is worth the result. The main theme of this original full body tattoo is a zombie apocalypse with cats-zombies eating bodies. Do you still see cats as cute fluffy creatures? As a symbol of bravery and strength samurai is often chosen by men who want to go for traditional Japanese body suit.

This tattoo symbolizes the strong spirit of the bearer. Most of the body of this lady covered with bold black thick ornaments interweaving with some geometrical shapes and realistic pictures. This challenging yet attractive body suit requires lots of guts, money, and patience. This enormous black and white back tattoo is a reminder that life and death go together. Flying white doves symbolize hope and purity. As being ones of the most ancient tattoo designs, Polynesian intricate ornaments are still quite popular and admired among tattoo lovers.

But you have to be careful and do research of every single element before getting inked. If you have chosen Samoan ornaments for your tattoo, simply linking it to the beauty of design will not be enough.

You have to honor the cultural heritage and understand the meaning of the symbols. Can you imagine that some tattoos can make an already sexy girl even sexier? These Neo-Traditional designs with women faces and flowers look really cool and feminine.

This marine theme tattoo that covers the whole back and three-quarter sleeves impress with all the color splashes and cartoonish designs. Inking dragons is a great way to represent your strength, power, and a good heart. Plus there is a wide choice of various designs and images of dragons that can be included in your body suit. Consisting of many symmetrical pieces this totally sated in colors full body determines duality and harmony between opposites in the world. But people who plan to get the full body have to think all he designs through from the start.

This one is incredibly beautiful and slightly scary at the same time. Covering literally every centimeter of the body these skulls and roses designs performed in black and gray are amazing! This awesome full body that goes from the toes to wrists shows an awful lot of different geometric shapes, symmetrical designs, and ornaments.

This enormous black koi swimming upstream symbolizes an obstacle that has been overcome by the wearer. The high determination of this amazing Japanese carp inspires many people to get inked.

This distinctive full body is exactly what people call walking work of art. Tribal tattoos covered all of the bodies long before tattooing has become mainstream. Intricate in their design and deeply meaningful Maori ornaments can create a unique full body.

Unusual black full body tattoo with some ornaments that appear through black color is unique. This person must be really devoted to his blackwork body suit tattoo as it must have taken a lot of time, money and patience going through all this pain.

This back tattoo piece is a take on Traditional Japanese style but performed in black and white realism. The images of a tiger , koi fish and hidden roofs of Japanese houses create an unbelievable tattoo composition. All the designs flow together and look just amazing. The bright colors and thick outlines look even brighter and clear against the pale skin of the tattoo bearer. With all these perfect radiant lines and curls mandala designs create super cool tattoos. Tattoo body suits as being the ultimate form of devotion to body art compensate all the time, money and pain that you have to spend and bear.

People often get tattooed with samurai designs when they need help in overcoming some obstacles in life. Vivid flowers complement the whole composition and create an unbelievable body suit. If you are keen on circus and tattoo, take this awesome full body with clowns, acrobats and circus animals into account. Performed in the monochromic palette it impresses with what all tattoo lovers call tattoo skill of the master.

Not so sure when robots will take over the world, but we are sure that these kissing robots tattoo will definitely take over your attention after you take a look at it. While being quiet and docile sea creatures, jellyfish can defend themselves with unbelievable fury. This is important but not the only reason why people choose jellyfish as a tattoo. Aside from her right arm, it seems that almost every inch of this lady in tattooed. With her tanned skin, all of these colorful tattoo designs look neat! As ones of the most ancient tattoo design Polynesian inks still have many aficionados.

Back in the day, these intricate tattoo designs could give a lot of information about its owner. They play the same role now. Those of you who want to sport a tattoo of geisha should be well aware of what this Japanese image means. Traditionally tattoos with geishas symbolize female natural beauty and sophistication and can be complemented with sakura florets.

As a half man-half horse, a centaur is an unusual mythical creature that is often chosen as a tattoo design due to the symbolism of duality and searching for balance. This man must be a real fan of Kill Bill movie if he has this tattoo inked on his back. This Greek mythical woman with hair full of snakes and the look that can turn a man into a stone is a well-liked tattoo design among men.

Medusa tattoo is considered to be a charm that can ward off the evil eye. Baba Yaga is an evil witch taken from Russian folklore can be seen on this woman back. Skip to content.

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